Dance of Bullets – Bullet Bash Update!

A little more than a month after the release of the first prototype of Dance of Bullets, the Bullet Bash jam has given me a good opportunity (and, frankly, motivation) to finally add two features to the game I've been meaning to add for quite some time: dynamic, auto-adjusting difficulty (as the jam puts it:  "difficulty that adapts to the player's skill level in real time") and scoring. The two go hand-in-hand: the higher the difficulty, the higher the score you receive after perished enemies. In other words, the higher risk of getting hit also means a higher reward – a much better high score!

The purpose of the dynamic difficulty is twofold: it should make it easier to see the end of the game for newcomers (by lowering the difficulty level each time they get hit) and it should also make subsequent playthroughs more rewarding (because wanting a higher score will make the player inclined to keep the difficulty level high).

Other than these features, I also fixed some annoying bugs, rebalanced some of the bosses a bit and – finally – made it possible to toggle full screen without leaving the game.

Enjoy the Bullet Bash Edition!


Dance of Bullets - Bullet Bash Edition 3 MB
Mar 31, 2018

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