– a walking simulator inspired by Twin Peaks S02E22 "Beyond Life and Death"

Black Lodge 3D

An eerie and surreal survival experience, created for the TV Game Jam, 2019. Walk in the shoes of special agent Dale Cooper as he tries to escape the Black Lodge, and most importantly, his evil half!

(Note: The game does have an ending (or rather, a goal), though it isn't visibly acknowledged by a huge YOU WIN screen, or anything like that, when you reach it. You'll know it when you see it though... hopefully.)


This is a game I made in a few hours, inspired by a TV episode I love, hoping that you will have a few minutes of fun with it – so, admittedly, I had to build on the work of others

  • While I "repurposed" the art myself for the aesthetic style I had in mind, it goes without saying that, without the legendary work of series creators Mark Frost  & David Lynch, none of this would have been possible.
  • Most of the code is taken from the article series by Jacob Seidelin about creating a ray casting engine with JavaScript, DOM and Canvas. I made slight changes to it to fit my purposes for the jam better, but those are very minimal.


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Wow, very interesting game also considering  you made it in a few hours! mxing doom style with twin peaks black lodge sounds stylish! good job!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

Well, that was way creepier than it had any right to be!

I bet someone from the network broadcasting Twin Peaks had a similar comment after airing this episode :D

What exactly should I do? Keyboard does nothing and I can only click on things that are selected and that's all.

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Hi! After you click the Run button, you should be able to move with the arrow keys – no mouse needed ;)

I don't know what I just played but it was interesting and trippy haha and I'm guessing I reached the end (The woods?)

That's exactly how I would describe the Twin Peaks episode my game was based on, so I'm very glad it evoked these feelings from you :) (And yes, you reached the end ;)) Thanks for playing!