Luminous Driller Contusion: Spiritual Occupy

Dreamy walking simulator, created for the Emulated Dreams jam, 2018. Take a trip into a surreal world inspired by my weirdest dreams of the last few years, and find the hidden message!


I actually found out about the jam only a few hours before the deadline, so it was super unlikely that I will manage to submit anything I'd call "complete"... but since I liked the topic so much, and wanted to create something like this sometime anyway, I felt like I couldn't afford to miss it... and in the end, I barely finished it before the extended deadline. I'm tired but happy – at the time of writing is description, I'm almost in a dreamy state.


Admittedly, I cut some corners:

  • Most of the code is taken from the article series by Jacob Seidelin about
    creating a ray casting engine with JavaScript, DOM and Canvas. I made
    slight changes to it to fit my purposes for the jam better, but those
    are very minimal.
  • The project name was generated with Diceware, so it could have been a strong password... but please don't use it as your password
  • The high-quality images were downloaded from Pixabay (floor imagesky image)

So thanks to all of these people for unknowingly making this surreal mess possible!

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